We are an investment community, helping angel investors maximize returns and access top tier deal flow.

Suites Capital is the place where community and capital meet.

We host weekly educational events to help new investors master the art of venture capital and angel investing.

We curate investor breakfasts and tastings experiences quarterly, for our members to make invaluable connections with each other, and meet top entrepreneurs.

We host monthly syndication calls to share deal flow, leveraging our partnerships with venture funds, accelerators and other angel groups.

Ready for a Seat at the (Cap)Table? We pool our capital and co-invest together in deals, through a simple SPV structure.

We focus on high-growth tech and consumer product companies. And we aim to build a portfolio with a majority women and minority-led companies.

We share our expertise, by mentoring and coaching entrepreneurs, while also providing access and connections to our networks.

Hear from Our Community!

"Loved the opportunity to hear some solid pitches and connect with entrepreneurs and investors in the Atlanta ecosystem!"
Lateef Ashekun
Angel Investo
"Very well curated. Great founders with strong traction."
Jaisa Gooden
Silicon Valley Bank
"It was a fantastic event and I've sung its praises to Atlanta Tech Angels and other investor groups I'm a part of."
Jon Gosier
Southbox Capital
"Thank you for a lovely breakfast I've already told a few friends of mine how I impressed I was with the quality of both the presenters and the way that you handle the entire affair I felt so lucky to be there today"
Christine Kieffer
Underdog LLC

We are a community of high-impact business professionals, investing in the next generation of entrepreneurs changing the world!


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